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Early Childhood Care vs. Home Care: Which Will Better Suit Your Child?

Chicago Early Childhood Care

The decision to send your child to early childhood care or keep them at home is personal and unique to each family. Though the idea of letting others care for your two, three, or four-year-old may be frightening, you still consider your options: If not school, who will care for my little one? Is my special guy or gal ready to be immersed in a new situation? What if the school that I send my child to doesn’t hold the same values that I do? These are all valid questions, and whether you enroll your child in the St. Philip Lutheran School Early Childhood Care program or keep them at home, we want to help make the decision easier for you.

For Your Consideration

The idea of handing your child over to someone else may be your single deciding factor, but if you’re looking at the whole picture, consider the following:

  • Practicality – Is sending your child to an early childhood center right for you and your family? Is it convenient? Is it affordable? Will anyone in your family have to sacrifice too much to make it feasible?
  • Philosophy – What are the values of the school you’re considering? Are they strictly focused on academics or do they incorporate character education, as well? If you are unable to find a school that believes in teaching what is important to you and your family, then perhaps you are better off keeping them in home care until you find a more suitable center.
  • Academics – The day will come when your child will leave the early childhood center and begin a new adventure in kindergarten, but will they be prepared when that happens? When you explore your options, be sure to ask about the training and experience of the staff members; they must be well-versed in early childhood education and child development to sufficiently prepare your child for kindergarten.
  • Your Child – If your child has had problems that have prevented him or her from reaching age-appropriate benchmarks on time – such as the ability to walk or use simple words – then it may not be the right time to enroll them in an early childhood program. Involve your pediatrician in the decision. Observe how your child interacts with others; if socialization is exceptionally painful, then perhaps small playgroups under your watchful eye are in order until they are socially prepared for the world of early childhood education.

Only you can decide when your child is ready. Sending a child to school too early can be detrimental to their future associations with education, yet you don’t want your child to fall behind from the very beginning. With prayer and thoughtful consideration, the choice may be easier than expected. If you would like to learn more about the St. Philip Early Childhood program, contact us today. Each life that we get to shape is a blessing.

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