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School kids using digital tablet in classroom at a private school

At St. Philip Lutheran, we understand that selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you have to make as a parent. Is private school a possibility? Are the public schools you are zoned for reputable? Ultimately, the environment in which your child will thrive is determined by his or her personality and individual needs. While there are many differences between private schools and public, the list below highlights those that we see most often.

  1. Class size – Generally speaking, because faculty salaries are supplemented by tuition, the student to teacher ratio in private schools like St. Philip are lower than in public schools. Moreover, private schools have the freedom to cap attendance when it appears that classes are too large to promote student success.
  2. Curriculum – Because private schools do not receive tax revenues, they are not required to adhere to state or nationwide curriculum standards such as Common Core. Private school curriculum is carefully chosen to ensure that each student can succeed not only in high school, but as a global citizen. This is why St. Philip is not only able to provide rigorous academic courses, but also spiritual education through our weekly chapel services and religious classes.
  3. Testing – While private school students are certainly capable of passing the ISAT, they are not held to the same standardized testing requirements as public school students. Our students are able to avoid the test anxiety that their peers in public school encounter in third, sixth, and eighth grades.
  4. Resources – Like teacher salaries, classroom resources such as laptops are supplemented by student tuition. Beginning in the first grade, students at St. Philip have access to tablets, e-readers, laptops, and other technology that is often hard to come by in public schools. Teaching students how to responsibly use technology is vital to their success in both the academic and post-academic worlds.

If you are considering making a switch from private to public or from public to private, we encourage you to do your research. Many schools hold open houses or group tours to allow parents and students to assess their facilities. If you are interested in learning more about St. Philip Lutheran or would like to schedule a tour, email us at info@stphiliplutheran.com

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