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students using computers in a private school

No matter how you feel about technology, it’s here to stay. As much as it may pain us to see kids bury their noses in cell phones or become red-eyed after too much screen time, learning to use technology is now a life skill just as much as knowing how to read. At St. Philip Lutheran School, we have integrated technology into our curriculum and scaffolded instruction that not only teaches students to utilize technology in daily life, but also teaches them to be responsible digital citizens.

Our Integrated Technology Curriculum
As with all other subject areas, our technology curriculum is skillfully designed to teach age-appropriate computer skills that increase in rigor from year to year.

  • First and second grade students learn the basic parts of the computer and begin to learn proper keyboarding techniques.
  • Third and fourth grade students begin to use digital textbooks, workbooks, and programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Word.
  • Fifth grade students continue to utilize Microsoft products, focusing on Word and Excel. Additionally, eBooks are used.
  • Sixth grade students continue to use Microsoft products with increased rigor.
  • Seventh grade students are introduced to Microsoft Access and begin to learn about using the internet for research and other academic endeavors.
  • Eighth grade students are assessed on their knowledge of Microsoft programs and prepared to use technology in high school.

Additional Technology Instruction
Our technology electives provide students with additional opportunities to use technology. This includes:

  • Assisting the instructor in the maintenance of an interactive website
  • Producing, taping, editing, and broadcasting a weekly devotional broadcast from our on-site television studio.

Our technology program is extended to the parents of our students. St. Philip offers continuing education programs in computer basics as well as use of the same Microsoft programs that are used by the students.

We are blessed to offer our award winning technology program because of the generous contributions and donations that have been made to our school. If you are interested in making a donation, attending our adult continuing education classes, or simply learning more about how we implement technology, contact our technology instructor, Mr. Rick Oppermann, at roppermann@stphiliplutheran.com.

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