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History & Beliefs

On the north side of Chicago stands a long-lasting tradition where students receive much more than just a great education. Students at St. Philip Lutheran School have been receiving a high-quality Christian education for over 80 years. During this time, over 2,000 students from the congregation and the community have passed through our halls.

St. Philip Lutheran Church began its ministry to the Chicago community in 1893. In 1937, the congregation decided to establish an elementary school and St. Philip Lutheran School was opened with 23 first and second-grade students. Today, St. Philip Lutheran School ministers to students, from preschool to 8th grade and is located in one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Chicago. This provides a great opportunity for outreach to the school families and the neighboring community. How does a school in an ethnically diverse urban setting personally meet the needs of its students and their families? By teaching to the whole child – spiritually, academically, and socially. This approach to education allows the school to develop students as responsible members of society who are prepared for the world around them.


Educating the spiritual aspect of a child has always been the major focus of St. Philip over the years. Through weekly chapel services, guest preachers, and daily religion lessons, the students’ faith is nurtured and strengthened. The teachers also play an important role in faith development as they model their faith to the students they care for. The students also have the ability to share their faith with others by leading chapel services, praying with members at local nursing homes, sharing their musical talents at community events, meeting other Christian teens during youth group, and participating in the weekly church services.


Students are taught much more than the core academic areas of religion, mathematics, language arts, science, and history. In the continual goal of meeting the needs of the whole child, St. Philip offers students an outstanding technology program, foreign language classes, music education, problem-solving classes and more. Through the creativity and dedication of their teachers, students are continually challenged to do their best in every area of education.

Students consistently score at or above grade level on standardized tests, attesting to the fact that they are receiving an excellent education. Students that graduate from St. Philip are ready to enter the high school of their choice and are able to handle the academic challenges that high school presents.


There are plenty of team-building activities for students to participate in while at St. Philip. The sports program allows students to participate in basketball, volleyball, track, cross-country, and bowling. Other activities include the yearbook committee and youth group.

St. Philip also offers after-school clubs in addition to the above programs. Past students have participated in the art club, dance classes, cooking club, chess club, basketball camp, and several others. These clubs are led by parents and members from the surrounding community who wish to share their talents with our students. These and other programs meet the needs of working parents by providing organized after-school activities in a safe environment.

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