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Elementary school is a time of critical growth for your child. During these formative years, students develop knowledge across core subject areas, putting in place the building blocks for academic success. At St. Philip Lutheran School, our goal is to convey the true joy of learning while inspiring students to develop Christ-like character.


Our elementary is a Kindergarten through 4th-grade high school-preparatory elementary school providing enrichment programs such as art, computer, music, gym, and library in addition to a challenging, Bible-based curriculum.

We believe in the importance of building complete, well-rounded students. As a result, we nurture students’ spirits as well as their minds; we train their bodies as well as their thoughts; our teachers educate our students in not only academics but in the way of the Lord. Teachers weave God’s Word into daily Bible lessons and weekly chapels. They also teach Godly character throughout the day — inside and outside the classroom.

Our curriculum provides students the opportunity to discover learning outside of the classroom walls. Some participate in spelling bees, geography bees, and science fairs. Others use their athletic talents in volleyball, cross country, track & field, or bowling. Musicians can develop their talents in our choirs and band.

We educate the spirit of a child as well as the mind and strive to provide an atmosphere where your child can grow and flourish. Visit us and see how a Christ-centered education can nurture your child.

To enroll in our Kindergarten program, your child must be 5 years old by September 01, 2023.

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