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Middle school at St. Philip comprises of Grades 5th-8th. Our Middle School focuses on High School Matriculation, with 99% of our graduates getting into their first choice High School.


St. Philip's math program includes transitional math to pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. Science highlights include a fascinating introduction to robotics, life science, genealogy, and much more! Writers’ Workshops and novel-based reading units highlight the integration of reading and writing for lovers of great literature. Social studies include the study of the holocaust, World Wars, ancient civilizations, world religions, and geography. During daily religion class, taught by our Pastor, students have deep conversations about the Bible and Godly character.

Students also get a chance to go on several overnight trips including Walcamp, a visit to Springfield, and a trip to Washington DC to apply their learnings in practical real-life scenarios. 

Electives for our Middle School are based on student led interests. Electives shift year to year but include cooking, sewing, podcasting, videomaking, gardening, music, art, PE, dance class, and board games. 

The end result of our Middle School Program is responsible students who are able to organize and interpret information, make difficult and important decisions and confidently continue their learning process in Chicago’s premier high schools.

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