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At St. Philip, we focus on integrating technology and media instruction into learning in a natural and responsive manner. Technology skills that support literacy, productivity, decision-making, and daily life are acquired through practice and projects that enhance classroom interaction and hands-on competency. Our students deepen knowledge of themselves in a world that is technology-infused and changing through integrated content and application. Students will learn and develop 21st century skills that are needed in today’s educational environment. 

Our technology program is fully integrated into the content areas of the curriculum. It encourages proficiency at developmentally appropriate levels through specific skills and problem solving. The acquisition of computer proficiency lays the foundation for continuous learning, with the focus on learning by using technology as opposed to learning about technology. 

Technology instruction encompasses projects using standard software programs and research using online resources. Activities include word processing, PowerPoint presentations, internet research, Google Docs, courses for basic code, and keyboarding. Mobile labs complete with laptops and printers turn every classroom into a lab and allows for the use of technology to enhance learning. Each classroom is likewise equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and speakers. 

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