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Get Lucky This Year: Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

St. Patrick's Day is a day filled with rainbows, leprechauns, and of course, the color green! But with little ones in tow, the usual celebrations might not be the best fit. Worry not, there are tons of creative and engaging activities you can do at home or outdoors to make this St. Patrick's Day a fun-filled adventure for the whole family!

Crafty Leprechauns

  • Rainbow Crafts: Rainbows are a big part of St. Patrick's Day lore. Unleash your inner artist with some rainbow crafts! Make a colorful paper chain, decorate cookies with rainbow sprinkles, or try a magic milk experiment to create swirling rainbows in a cup.

  • Leprechaun Traps: Folklore tells us leprechauns are mischievous creatures! Craft a leprechaun trap using a shoebox, glitter, and some clever contraptions. Will you be lucky enough to catch one?

  • Shamrock Extravaganza: Shamrocks are Ireland's national symbol. Design your own shamrock decorations using construction paper, paint, or even pipe cleaners. You can even make shamrock-shaped sandwiches for a festive lunch!

Get Active and Playful

  • Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt: Hide gold coins (chocolate or plastic) around the house or yard and create a scavenger hunt for your little leprechauns to find their pot of gold!

  • Rainbow Relay Race: Divide into teams and have a relay race using different colored objects to represent the colors of the rainbow.

  • Pin the Shamrock on the Leprechaun: Put a twist on a classic party game! Draw a big leprechaun on a piece of poster board and have the kids take turns blindfolded, trying to pin a shamrock on his hat.

Treat Time!

  • Lucky Charms Math: Breakfast can be educational too! Use Lucky Charms cereal for some fun counting and sorting activities. Sort the charms by color or type, or create patterns using the different pieces.

  • Green Goodies: Get in the festive spirit with some green treats! Bake some shamrock-shaped cookies, make a green smoothie, or try a batch of green pancakes for breakfast.

  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Thread an assortment of colorful fruits onto skewers to create a healthy and visually stunning rainbow snack.

Learning and Fun

  • Story Time with a Twist: Read some fun St. Patrick's Day themed books together. There are many great stories that explore Irish folklore and traditions in a child-friendly way.

  • Learn a Jig: Ireland is famous for its traditional dance, the jig. Put on some Irish music and have a family dance party! You can find simple jig tutorials online to get you started.

  • Irish Flag Fun: Learn about the Irish flag and its colors (green, white, and orange). You can even create your own mini Irish flags using construction paper or fabric scraps.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little creativity, you can create a magical and memorable St. Patrick's Day celebration for the whole family. So get ready to wear green, embrace the luck of the Irish, and have some fun!

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